The Real OG of the Thrive Forever Fit Program

Today’s shoutout is SPECIAL! 

I want you to meet one of the Original Thrive Forever Fit Success stories. 

This is Sylvia! 🌟

She is incredible, remarkable, and INSPIRING. 

Why, because she’s done something that 95% of people don’t do. 

She’s lost a boatload (over 100 pounds) of weight and KEPT IT OFF

That’s right she’s lost well over 100 pounds and has kept it off for over four years. 

Losing weight isn’t the hardest thing for most people.

It’s keeping it off permanently that gives people the most trouble. 

So do me a favor and give Sylvia that high five (virtual) that she deserves for being an inspiration to us all. 🙌🏽

Sylvia, keep up the excellent work. 

You are changing people’s lives through your amazing journey. 

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the ride!

Thrive Forever Fit Team

P.S. The next Phase of our award-winning transformation program starts on July 30th!

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